20 September 2017

InnJoy Reduces Carbon Footprint

InnJoy operate to high standards of performance and advocate socially and environmentally sustainable business practices. Our aim is to bring a positive benefit to the community in which we operate through high quality services, a positive economic contribution, environmental friendly practices as well as employment.

We strive to adhere to these principles, in our endeavours to:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws, statutes and regulations.
  • Save water and energy
  • Continuously improve environmental performance and reduce environmental impact of our activities
  • Create environmental awareness among out employees, customers and suppliers

But most of all, we do it, because it's the right thing to do! We therefore take pride in our efforts to help save the planet and some of the very practical things we do are:


  • Solar geysers installed for all rooms and staff quarters
  • Using energy saving light bulbs in all light fixtures
  • Day night switch used for evening lights


  • Timing of water in gardens. (we only water on times when evaporation is little)
  • Timing of backwashing & Rinsing the pool
  • Water harvesting for reuse in garden
  • Reuse of linens - saves water, detergent, energy and greenhouse gases.
  • Water saving shower systems - saves water and energy.


  • Recycling of glass, paper and plastic
  • Growing own vegetables and herbs
  • Composting up to 40% of solid waste
  • Decanting amenity bottles instead of disposing


  • Members of Wilderness and Greening South Africa
  • Training all staff on how to save energy and water
  • Re-using of printed paper & only printing what is necessary
  • Buy locally to minimise transportation impact